HI! welcome to Spanish cooking. Today we will prepare the classic churros those are perfect to eat with hot chocolate in winter and, by the way: is one of the easiest recipes ever all you need is to bring water to a boil with a pinch of salt and once it is boiling you turn off the heat and then you add all at once the flour all at once: that’s important. Then mix it thoroughly until you get a kind of homogeneous dough. It will be quite sticky so don’t don’t worry it has to look like this now you can transfer it into plate. Let it cool a bit you can also work it with your hands a bit to get a homogeneous though; some people add also to the water a bit of oil to get the dough more soft to soften the dough but is not completely necessary. I like to do it like it is its up to you; other recipes also combine water with milk as well, this recipe here is the basic one you can combine it or leave it out up to you now transfer the dough into a piping bag to make the churros if you want to achieve the classic churros shape you need to use a star tip that’s important.

You need to push quite heavy to make the churros come out of the bag actually. It’s quite heavy so therefore I like to prepare them before frying them. And now once you get the shape you see it takes a while because the dough is it’s quite hard so it requires a bit of energy. I like to cut them with the tips of my fingers as well, you can do it by hand as I do or with the tip of the knife as well or with scissors, it’s up to you but the dough is quite dry, so you wont get problems doing it by hand now heat a big amount of vegetable oil. Normally sunflower oil or the one you like the one you prefer but olive oil is too strong for this recipe I guess so heat it, it’s important that the oil is very hot before frying the churros as we want to keep the churros fried in a very short time and getting nice golden brown color.

My oil here was a bit cold for the first batch and therefore it took longer to cook so the shorter they take for cooking the softer they will be and the more delicious so you really want them to be for a short time in the oil, and once to get a nice golden brown colour you can put them on a plate with a paper towel to absorb the excess oil and then finally, as you want them sweet, you add some cast sugar and of course you have to eat them while they’re still hot; with chocolate is the best and of course don’t forget to enjoy them! see you soon! .

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