Buenos días, Good morning Buenas tardes Good afternoon Buenas noches Good evening Como estaís? How are you? Me, I am very good. I am very happy to be with you in today’s class. Let’s learn Spanish. Los Alimentos Basicos The Basic Food Let’s learn a lot of new vocabulary so please be very attentive to the pronunciation. After the class you can download for free in our website the summary of all the words we are going learn and its translation in English very well then we’re all set Let’s start with the class. tomar (to take) Paella (typical Spanish dish) La paella se hace con arroz. The paella is made with rice.

Nos gusta mucho el pan. We like bread a lot. La fruta Fruit La verdura Vegetables now let’s continue with Productos lácteos (Dairy products) Leche de oveja (Sheep milk) El queso tierno (soft cheese) el queso semicurado (semi-hard cheese) el curado (hard cheese) el tierno and semicurado cheese have a mild taste El queso curado tiene un sabor fuerte. Hard cheese has a strong flavor. Let’s start with La tortilla now let’s go to Los condimentos (The Condiments) alright for example Está muy salado. It is very salty.

Demasiada sal. It has too much salt. Está muy dulce. It is very sweet. Demasiada azùcar. It has too much sugar. Pastel de Chocolate Chocolate Cake Well done! We’ve learned a lot of new words and that concludes our class for today. You can download it for free in our website, speakspain.com. and it’s totally free Thank you very much I’m sending you a big, big hug and let’s see each other soon in a new class.

Until next time! .

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