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With AT&T Smart Home Manager Parental Controls, you have the freedom to choose how your family uses your home network even when you are away from home. Help reinforce homework, dinner and bedtimes and decide how and when your family accesses the Internet. Parental controls give you peace of mind knowing you set the rules. The free AT&T Smart Home Manager App is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play or go to and sign in with you AT&T user ID and password. Parental controls uses profiles you create for family members, so you can control how and when your home network is used.

Profiles are easy to setup, here’s how. Select the Tools tab in the Toolbar, select “Profiles” and then select “Create Profile”. Now enter the name of the person you are assigning to this profile. You will be shown a list of available devices on your home network that you can link to this profile. So for example, if you are making a profile for your teenage son John, you can link his Smartphone, laptop and game console to his profile. Once you’ve selected John’s devices, just choose “Save” and you’re set. Great! That’s all there is to creating a profile. Now we will show you how to manage the settings for the profile. Starting at the top of the Profile screen, the Internet Access switch allows you to either quickly Block or Enable Internet access for all of John’s devices to your home network whenever you want. Lower on the Profile screen, a Time Limits feature controls when a user can access the Internet through your home network. You can decide the number of hours a day someone is able to access the Internet, for specific days of the week, or even set a bedtime.

It’s all up to you and you can easily change the times or override the scheduling set. Do you have a mix of younger and older kids? No problem, you’re able to set different time limits and access for each. Your Profile screen displays everyone’s profile in an easy to view layout. Finally, if you ever have a device on your home network that can’t access either the Internet or specific websites, check your Smart Home Manager App as a first step in troubleshooting. The Network Health Check screen gives you an overview of all the devices on your network. A device may be set as Blocked in parental controls and you didn’t mean to restrict it, with Smart Home Manager Parental Controls you can set it, forget it, change it on the fly, it’s super easy, and free.

Download the Smart Home Manager App and see how it can improve your home Wi-Fi experience. Thanks for choosing AT&T! .

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