Spanish Breakfast in Granada, Spain

Alright guys. Good morning. Good morning. It is a Saturday here in Granada. And not a creature is stirring. Not even a mouse. Not even a mouse. It is so quiet, everyone partied hard last night. Yes. And are recovering. We could hear them leaving the bar. Yes we sure could. At like 2 or 3 in the morning. You get so used to it in Spain it almost becomes like your sleeping soundtrack. Like white noise. Yeah. It doesn’t even bother us anymore. Yeah. Rowdy people leaving the bar. Um yeah so the plan for today is to go out for breakfast. We want to show you what a Spanish breakfast looks like. Yep. And yesterday while we were out in town Sam noticed a place (Via Colon). Yeah. So we’re going to try and retrace our steps. There is a few good places so yeah we won’t have any trouble finding one. That is for sure. Okay so Sam found a great little spot for us not too far from the apartment.

This place is called ViaColon and it is a beautiful coffee house (cafe). Like it is classy inside. Woah. And prices are very reasonable I have to say. Yeah. It is competitive with some more rustic looking places. Mmmhmm. And yeah this we are really excited. Yeah. We ordered three different things. Yeah and that is what we’ve done. So they have a menu for breakfast. You have like 5 different options. Yeah. So we’ve ordered 3 of them because we were feeling pretty hungry. Pretty ambitious. We think we can tackle 3 breakfasts between the two of us. Yeah and not only that just going for any kind of walk in the morning makes you hungry.

It is so cold. It is so cold. As you can tell. I have a sweater and winter hat. Bundling up in the mornings. Oh and there are the churros. Gracias. Oh my gosh the churros just arrived. Okay we’re going to start off with something sweet. That is the plan now guys. Going in for the churros. The churros dunk. In a hot chocolate. I just love the thickness of the chocolate. I just can’t get over it. When have you seen hot chocolate so thick. And it is like dunking it in chocolate sauce. Sludge. Chocolate sludge. Look at this. It is just a wonderful richness to it. Mmmmm. It is amazing. It is the kind of thing you could eat anytime of day huh? Mmmhmm. You know what? We ate a lot of churros when we were in Madrid. Yeah. But these are like even more dense. They have less air in them. So yeah you’re just getting more dough. It is more filling. Would you say these are the best churros you’ve tried in Spain so far? Yeah.

I may have to say that. Wow. They are so good. So good that you almost gobbled a whole churro and I haven’t even tried mine. I only get 3. Hahaha. That is the sad part. Well you’ve almost ate half of yours. Mmmm. Good stuff. Finger licking good? Mmmhmm. Finger licking good. Okay Sam is going in for the churros. I better get mine before it is gone. Yeah you better hurry man. So they brought some a little bit of sugar. So apparently you can sprinkle a little bit on so why don’t we try that. Why don’t we try that.

Yeah. I mean it is going to be rich enough but haha. Why not. I can’t believe we’re starting with the sweet stuff as well. We are ruining our chance at dessert. I know. These should be our dessert of the breakfast. We should be saving. We should be having the savory things first. But oh look at that. Just look at it dripping. I know. Wow. Triple dunk. Mmmmm. Wow. What do you think? These are almost like something in between porras and churros. Mmmhmm. That is how I would describe it. They are a little bit. They have a little bit more air and a little bit thicker. No, they have less air. You think they have less air. But they are more spongy than a typical churros. That is how I would describe it. And it really sops up the chocolate.

It really sops up the chocolate. And it is not quite as crispy on the outside as some of the other churros I’ve had that are skinnier. I also find this one less oily like some of the churros can be that is true. Some of the churros can be really oily and greasy. Just let me have another one for scientific purposes only.

Yeah. We were are going to split the last one. Mmmmm. What really makes it here though is the hot chocolate. Yeah. Like this is just really rich. Really sweet and just really I don’t know just. This is just the perfect. They compliment each other so well. Yeah. I just wish we had a few more. I know. We may have to order another plate. We may have to order another plate guys. Yeah but we do have more breakfast items to sample over here. Third bite. Oh yeah. Okay now that we’ve had our sweet stuff let’s move on to the savory. Oh yeah. And first up we have the tortilla which the best way to describe this would be like a potato and egg omelette. Yeah. It is about an inch thick. And yeah. I’d say this is a bit more of a generous portion than what I’m used to. Like they really give us a nice slab here. Yeah. They did not skimp out. Mmmm. Is it good? That is pretty nice yeah. Good way to get your carbs and a bit of protein huh? Mmmmhmm. I really enjoy this.

Yeah? I’ve been known to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There was one day like 2 and a half years ago in Madrid where you had this all day long. You had you literally did have it for breakfast lunch and dinner. Yeah. Clearly I like my tortilla. That is very much a true story. Yeah. A true story. I almost feel like it needs ketchup though. It is almost like having fries. It needs some ketchup. You need some catsup. Where is the catsup? And they serve this with some slices of tomatoes. That is kind of nice because it just gives it a bit of a refreshing juiciness with the tomato. Mmmhmm. It is now Sam’s turn. It sure is. Time for me to go in for the Spanish Tortilla (tortilla española).

Anyways uh it is very simple ingredients. Just potato and egg. Yeah. And it is thick. It is a lot denser than what it may look like. It might look fluffy on camera but it is thick. Yeah. It is almost like a it has the consistency of like a brick. Hahaha. You can throw it like a brick. I think it is meant to be filling. Yeah. It is meant to be filling. It is hearty. Hearty food. And it is great for the winter right now. It is really good. I would say it is more heavy.

It is more heavily leaning towards um like a potato consistency than egg. Mmhmm. But um yeah it is really nice. It is I need this kind of savory thick filling food in the winter just to keep me warm. Alright, so now we’re going to move on to breakfast item number three. That is right. So the third item on the menu it was listed as bari which I haven’t heard before because it is kind of like a toasted sandwich with Jamón serrano. Oh can you open that one more time. And on the other side. Oh. We’ve got the tomato. I didn’t know it came with tomato. I couldn’t even see that when I was first looking. I know. This is our first time having it with tomato. Yeah. Like usually when we ask for a bocadillo de jamón serrano. Like a sandwich. Yeah. It is just bread and ham. Right. But I like that the tomato gives it a bit of juiciness.

Mmmmhmm. Those are nice thin slices of ham. It is like lightly shaved meat. Wow. It is really good. I think I’m going to like it too. Mmmhmm. This has been a good breakfast spot. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. And the sandwich. Yeah, moving on to the sandwich. So I’m excited to try this. A typical lunch for us like a do it yourself lunch here in Spain has been like baguette and going out and getting like Jamón ibérico or something or like Jamón serrano. Yeah. Just going out and getting ham and making really simple sandwiches. Sometimes throwing in some cheese. So this is just like a really familiar uh comfort food for me here in Spain. Mmmmm. Oh, that is really good. They put in more ham than I thought. It is nice and thick. And that tomato pastes gives it a little bit of juiciness which I like too. Yeah it is just nice to have this variety of 3 different things and we’ve even been thinking there is a piece of carrot cake that looks so good in the case.

Sam has been eyeing the cake. I’ve been eying it. This is basically our brunch so I have a feeling we’re going to order it. Sam’s kryptonite. Carrot cake. Carrot cake guys. It is my achilles heel. I’ve walked in and I had no plans to order any cake but I saw it and like I’ve got to get it. Yeah, this isn’t even like Spanish breakfast food. No. This is definitely not. This is bonus. This is bonus footage right here. But anyways they beautifully plated it. Alright. It looks like there is some kind of like a caramel sauce over here. If I turn it over. Whipped cream. Ice cream. Ice cream. There is even ice cream here. Look at that. A little piece. Alright you dig right in before that ice cream melts. Yep. I’m just going to go for a bite of carrot cake right now. Well a little bit of ice cream too. Actually forget that I’m trying almost everything. Hahaha. Mmmm. What do you think? Oh yeah. I’ve got to try the icing just to confirm.

Just to confirm. Second bite. Oh yeah. Just to be sure. That is the real cream cheese icing. Ooh. I had the last time I had carrot cake was really disappointing. It was like a more of a whipped icing than cream cheese-y. And I was so disappointed. So this is making up for my last bad piece of carrot cake I had not too long ago. Alright enjoy. Yeah. Time to wrap things up. That was a glorious feast of feasts. I didn’t probably didn’t need that cake. It was already big enough breakfast but yeah I’m certainly full now. Anyways on to price point. It came to just over 20 Euros. Under. 19.95. Oh sorry it was under.

Under. You would know better. Even better. Yeah, that is right. You paid for it. So basically that included 3 breakfast mains. Out of those breakfast mains the hot chocolate came with the churros (churros con chocolate). Your tea came with the sandwich right. So then I ordered an additional cappuccino. Yeah. And then an additional slice of cake. So yeah that was a lot of food for 19 Euros. It really was. Great atmosphere in here. The quality of everything was really good. Like the meat was good. The coffee was good. The hot chocolate was good. The cake was good. So yeah there were no. There were no misses here. I’d highly recommend coming here. And yeah what a great way to start the day.

So we’ll see you guys in the next video. Tata for now. .

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Ultimate Spanish Omelette | Omar Allibhoy

Hola Foodtubers, I’m Omar Allibhoy and I’m very passionate about Spanish food I’m going to be cooking today a classic dish, tortilla de patatas – a Spanish Omelette so I know it’s only three ingredients it’s super simple but it’s about getting those three ingredients really right over the years I’ve been able to cook thousands of Spanish omelettes this is the one that I found and it tastes the best We need a really hot pan as hot as you can get it. We’re going to start pouring the extra virgin olive oil be very generous please remember it’s an oil that you will reuse again and again.

Half a litre of oil approximately In a Spanish household where we cook Spanish omelettes day in day out this oil we just drain it, keep it in a bottle and we reuse it again probably five, six, seven times While the oil heats up I’m gonna thinly slice an onion and I’m going to add it in to the oil the only ingredient that can give the sweetness to the omelette is the onion I put the onion first because it if you do it as a second ingredient after the potato He won’t caramelize, he will become translucent but that’s not the flavour that I’m looking for. Straight in. Second ingredient the potatoes, nice waxy ones, Desiree, Charlotte these potatoes hold the shape better three millimetres approximately not thinner, not thicker the right thickness so that they don’t cook too slowly neither they fry too quick.

Okay add it in, sort of like three potatoes. Every ingredient has sugars and a Spanish Omelette even though that you add salt to it it has to feel sweet starting to get golden and the potatoes are still completely raw so I’m going to leave these for 10/15 minutes until the caramelize properly and they release all of those sweet flavours that will get in to the egg later so i’ve stir this potato sort of like two/three times they are nearly there while this finishes I’m just going to break six eggs. It may look like a lot of eggs and a lot of potatos but this only is going to serve 4-6 people. So this potato is now ready and you can see just by breaking through it put the potatoes on top, drain the potatoes with the oil. Take a look at the onion how wonderful, how caramelized, the potatoes nicely fried and now these potatoes are the ones which I’m going to season with a bit of sea salt. Not whisking the egg, give it a little mix. This has become quite warm and I just want the potato to soak a bit of the eggs and all linger together.

If you cook it too quickly it won’t taste the same and it may look like it’s quite runny but after 15-20 minutes you’ll see that it won’t be so i’m just going to cover it with aluminium foil and let it rest for 15 minutes okay, this tortilla mix have been resting for 15-20 minutes, it’s not that runny anymore take a look it has sort of thicken up, all those burnt bits of the caramelisation of the onion has dissolve in the egg I have a non-stick pan and all the tortilla mix goes inside then just we are just gonna leave it on high heat for about a minute and then lower it down for about two minutes – we’ll flip it and do exactly the same it’s been two, three minutes already and I’m just gonna check it’s not sticking just by taking a spoon through the sides and just by giving a little shake you’ll see that the edges separate and all I’m going to do is just to put a bit of pressure in to the plate and just flip it really naturally, really simple and as you can see it looks nice and golden, all the edges are nicely cooked.

And I haven’t stirred or anything this is not scrambled eggs and neither you put it in the oven by the way I’ve seen all sorts of things done with Omelette. Always the plate much wider than the pan and just flip it put the end of the omelette at the end of the plate and just slide it in and let it cook again on high heat for a minute and low heat for a couple minutes This tortilla – it’s ready. How do I know? You just need to touch it like a steak and you see if it bounces or not Otherwise you just need to pierce it with a knife, or a toothpick and see if it’s still moist.

So now it’s only the flipping part again. A bit of pressure on the plate, take the handle with strength and just turn it around. You’ll have a good looking omelette so now the only way to see if it’s properly cooked as we like it is by cutting it in two What a great recipe, still nice and moist in the middle so let’s give it a taste The centre is the best bit, to me it’s like any good cheese really That’s perfectly cooked, really sweet. That’s the caramelisation of the onion and potato and you know what? It still tastes great whether it’s later in the night or tomorrow – you can leave it and reheat it it always tastes great actually Now is when you can feel and see that the three ingredients, the egg, the potato and the onion has come together in this beautiful tortilla. If you want a really nice drinks recipe to go with this Spanish omelette click here, there is a lovely video of Jamie doing a Beer Michelada in Drinks Tube Subscribe to Food Tube, it’s free, and let me know in the comment box below what other Spanish recipes you would like me to cook next time.

Adios! This recipe and loads more classic Spanish dishes are in my book: Tapas Revolution .

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How To Make Spanish Paella | Omar Allibhoy

Alright Food Tuber. I’m Omar Allibhoy, I’m a chef and I’ve been cooking Spanish food since I was a little boy. Today I’m going to be cooking the world-famous the Spanish national Paella Valenciana. If there is a dish in Spain that brings family together it will be paella. I’m putting my reputation on the line, because Balenthenos are very particular with this recipe, like Napolatanos are with their pizza. So I have a quite a lot of ingredients here Artichoke, green beans, broad beans, as you can see. Chicken and rabbit the two main meats. The real heroes of this dish.

This stuff is just fundamental to the recipe. Essentially. So lets start, okay. I’m just heating up this beautiful paella pan. I’m going to start preparing the saffron. Okay, in Spanish saffron is the most expensive thing in the world. The clove is very small and its difficult and hard to find outside of spring. What makes it different, is that it is toasted. As supposed to sun dried. We’re going to use this from another country and toast it ourselves. Okay, so I’m just going to fold it. Kind of an envelope. Then I’m going to put it into this hot pan just for a few seconds, and that will give extra fragrance, and it will be easier to release all that beautiful aromas and the smokiness into the stock. I’ve had it for about 10 seconds on each side, that is enough. I have the chicken and the rabbit. And first thing a generous amount of salt. There’s a lot of ingredients going into that pan.

Good olive oil extra virgin always. You see how it’s cracking, the salt The pan is really hot and we’re going to go with the meat. Have a couple of chicken thighs, with the bone and the skin, cut in half, and sort of like a quarter of rabbit approximately. But again, you cannot get rabbit, or you don’t like it, just put some more chicken in or pork rib, that will do. We need to cook this meat until it’s really dark. This high heat has given the meat a really nice brown caramelized colour and flavour.

I’m just going to make a little space for the veggies. I have some runner beans already prepared, and some broad beans. And I want this to get really brown again. At this point I need to add the artichoke. Very fundamental ingredient in the paella. Take the outer leaves from the bottom of the flower. Gonna cut the stalk. Peel the stalk. You can either do it with a paring knife. With the pealer cut the artichoke around here. Peel it with a paring knife on the outer part a leave sort of like a diamond shape, like a mushroom. Cut it in half. Cut in quarter and this inner hair, which is inside, which is not edible we just need to remove it. Just going to do the same with all this quarter’s. I’m going to add a couple of artichokes in total so that it all browns nicely. This is not a recipe that needs a lot of stirring. Actually. Otherwise juices will be released and it will start poaching and boiling, and this isn’t what we’re looking for. Gonna go with the next ingredient. Garlic. Very important in the Spanish cuisine. Just gonna finely chop it.

A couple of garlic pills for this recipe will be sufficient. I’ve put the heat down. Give it a little stir, and I’m not gonna leave it there for too long. Maybe just about a minute. or thirty seconds even depending on the heat. Smoked paprika as the world knows it. That’s what gives fantastic favour to a lot of Spanish recipes. Give it a little stir, and I’m going to add straight away the grated tomatoes. I have two grated tomatoes over here and I think I’m only going to use half.

Put the heat, right back up. And now it’s time for a stirring. As well, this tomato will cook in about two minutes, no more. Take a look at this. Really nicely browned loads of colour. Loads of depth. You know even the veggies they are no longer green. This is not an al dente good-looking type of thing. All those reds, all those browns means flavour. I have a stock here. I’m just gonna pour this chicken stock one-and-a-half liters. Give it a little stir. Lets go back to the saffron. Going to use about half a gram. Crush it a bit so that it spreads out a little bit more. Let’s bring this to the boil. And add the rice. And now with the rice. Okay I’m going to be using about 250 grams which is half of this packet. But if you don’t find a Spanish rice, or something that’s called paella rice just use short-grain rice, okay.

Never use basmati or jasmine, or long-grain in general. It is one of the rices which absorbs the most water. Take a quick look. Look at the colour. I’m just going to add around 250 grams of this rice. Give it a little stir. Make sure either spreads quite nicely. Just leave it for a couple a minute so that they rice flattens and evens, and then we’ll just let it be. Okay, this is getting back up to the boil. Last stir. I will let it cook on the highest heat for 10 minutes. Then will lower it down for another six minutes, approximately until it’s ready. You can see here that this part, the water is below the rice, and that one is just over there. It’s very important that you don’t stir your paella at any point, after the begin, because otherwise the rice will release the starch, and it will become stodgy.

We are going to add the rosemary, three sprigs. We’re going to create a little bit of a lead. I’m going to lower down the heat, because this rice will still need about five minutes on the low heat, and another five minutes resting, and I think that will be the perfect rice, with a perfect socarrat underneath. Which is the crispy bit that forms through all that oils and fats that goes down and a bit of the starch of the rice how it crispens up at the bottom. That’s the most tasty part. It’s been resting for about 4-5 minutes, so now is the time to unveil it. Mm it smells beautiful. The rice looks like it’s perfectly cooked. You can see a bit of the burnt bits on the side.

That’s exactly what I was looking for. I have to say and the socarrat on the bottom. Normally, just take the rosemary off put it into one side, and you serve a mix of the top, the bottom, the side, the centre. Just so that everyone gets a bit of this part. Nice piece of meat, a little bit of the rice. Mixed with a socarrat, always scraping the bottom. In many families they like it with a wedge of lemon. They would put it on the side and just squish it yourself. Okay. So we never squish it all over. mmm It’s amazing how tasty this rice dish can be. Every aroma every fragrance and spices, vegetables, I mean it’s all in, and there you go. Paella. Spanish national dish. If you want me to make any other Spanish recipe please say it on the comment box below and I’ll do my best. You’re looking for a great drink to go with this paella going to Drinks Tube, and there is a fantastic daiquiri. This recipe and loads more classic Spanish dishes are in my book. Tapas Revolution.


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Professional drone flyer

– If you want to fly drones professionally and make it a career, you really need to be licensed and certified. – I think certainly, people should become licensed. I think ultimately, it would make for a much safer industry if people are educated and licensed and understand the environment that they’re operating in. – If you’re licensed and certified as an operator, what it does is it gives you greater understanding of the operating environment for RPAS. – To be certified, this day and age, is incredibly important. We’ve got less restrictions because we’ve done our training, we’ve got our qualifications. – If you’re looking to use it as a job, a lot of people that are going to hire you are going to look for qualifications. – If you want to operate properly, you want to go out and you want to do those big jobs, you want to operate it in all areas, then getting licensed is mandatory in our opinion. – If you’re operating under sub-2kg rules, you can’t get the same privileges.

So there’s no way you can operate within three nautical miles in the movement area of a controlled aerodrome. There’s no way you can get an exemption to operate at night-time. You can’t operate any closer than 30m to people. So you’ve effectively excluded yourself from a large area of the market. So by getting some education around the industry, it will give you some credibility within the industry as well as your clients. And it also allows you to gain exemptions that sub-2kg operators cannot get. – The other benefit to that is it does allow you to be insured.

So we’re not going to be the person that if something goes wrong, we lose our house. – Just about every production I work on asks for my licence because they have to apply for permits to film. And they won’t get the permits from national parks, councils, building owners – the various places that we film – they can’t get those without my having a licence and my being insured. – I became licensed and certified because I wanted to run a proper business. I wanted to have the confidence that I was always going to be operating in a safe manner.

– There is a whole other world out there of aviation that we need to safely be operating within the framework of. And when we’re operating our drone we become a user of that airspace. So how do we safely operate in the airspace without affecting commercial aviation at the same time? – Because if you’re going to fly drones, you have to be mindful of who you might run into up there. I can give you a perfect example. Like flying on the northern beaches, we’ve often had to do shoots out that way, and if you didn’t know how to read the maps and know that there was a flight route just off the coast, you’d be out there. And the number of times I’ve been there and been on the radio and been able to talk to the pilots and have them tell me, no, we’re this far away, we’re that far away So I could go out there safely. If I didn’t know that, I would so easily have been in their flight path and causing grief. – If you don’t have that education behind you how do you know that you’re operating safely and not going to cause a risk or a potential problem to an aviation environment? Secondly, there’s no such thing as too much education.

You can always further your learnings and get better educated on the issues around commercial operators. – The analogy I use is, you wouldn’t let anyone just get on a moped and drive around the roads because they’re sharing that road with cars and trucks who have their licence and are operating under rules they’re familiar with. – There are two different types of licences you need to be aware of. The first licence you have is your RePL. That stands for your Remote Pilot Licence, which is like your car licence for driving on the road. So this is your individual licence for the person that’s actually physically flying. – To obtain your Remote Pilot Licence you’ll need to undertake a course. You’ll need to find an approved training company and they’re certified by CASA. – For me, it was as simple as going onto the CASA website, going to the list they have of all the approved training organisations, finding the closest one near me, and getting in contact.

– Getting an ARN, getting a Remote Pilot Licence is not a big ask. One week or so of training to say “that is how you safely operate in airspace, now go for it.” – You’re learning from experts in the field. So people who have been there, done that, and they can pass down that knowledge that they have attained. – At the end of the course, you’ll sit in exam where you’re tested to make sure you can fly that particular type of machine safely. From there, CASA will issue you with your Remote Pilot Licence. – I really wanted to get my Remote Pilot Licence because for me it was about taking my drone experience to the next level. I’d been a recreational flyer for a little while, but I really wanted to find out what it takes to make a professional career out of it.

– We train people from all areas. Very popular areas – surveying, mine surveying, construction surveying. We have guys go out and do real estate type photography, videography. So I’ve trained a few people from the TV stations like cameramen. You are an aviator. You are a part of an aviation environment. And they teach you what you need to know to be a part of that environment. And really engage in that arena responsibly. – So once you’ve completed your Remote Pilot Licence, you’ll be amazed at what you didn’t know before you started. – The sorts of things you’ll learn include how to interpret the weather forecast to see if it might impact on your operation. Reading aeronautical charts to work out if manned aircraft might be operating near you, such as helicopters.

– From maintenance to basic understanding of your aircraft, aerodynamics, human factors, pre-flight planning, battery related safety, understanding weather patterns – thunderstorms, and windage, and reading NOTAMs and weather forecasts. How to use your radio. As part of the course you get an AROC, an Australian Radio Operators Certificate as well. There’s a whole lot that goes into the course and it’s four, five days of full-on learning from to in the afternoon. That tied in your flight time as well. That was the one thing I really learned – was how professional the industry is. I think there’s a real split between recreational operators and the professional operators. By the end, you walk away knowing you’re just so much more professional than you were at the start. – It was a week of learning that’s certainly been invaluable to the safe operation of our business. – There are two ways of being able to receive an income as a drone pilot.

The first is to operate under CASA’s sub-2kg excluded category that has a set of standard operating conditions that allow you to conduct a simple business. But for more complex operations, like operating near people, over a populous area, night-time, or a fleet of drones, you’ll need to come to CASA and apply for a RPA Operator’s Certificate, or work for a company that has an operator certificate. – Within several years as an instructor and also now the time I’ve been with CASA, I’ve seen so many success stories. These people have come to the course, they’ve got elevated knowledge, and now they’ve actually moved on to bigger and greater things.

Without that knowledge, they wouldn’t have done that. – The drone industry is one of the fastest growing industries at the moment. So we’re seeing a 3% growth every week in just the work that we’re coming through, which is just unprecedented. – The great thing about drone technology is it cuts across so many different industries in society these days. – Well, we do aerial photography. Primary in conservation and anything over the marine environment. So we do a lot of shark surveillance along the New South Wales coast. A lot of the marine life, turtles, penguins, whales, dolphins, everything. We also do a lot of aerial inspections or aerial mapping as well.

– Drone technology is getting better and better every day. We are seeing applications like parcel delivery, 3-D mapping, agriculture, life saving, and we’ll see many more applications into the future. – It seems like new capabilities are being found for drones on a daily basis. It’s ever changing as you watch it. Thermal imaging is used in a number of different avenues that allows us to make the invisible visible. So we use it in facilities management for picking up defects, ground-water leaks, gas detection, identifying feral animals, doing deer counting. – The other aspect is on high-end assets. So inspecting communication towers, power lines, and oil and gas rigs, as examples. – Currently, some of our projects are doing progressional builds of people’s houses. We’re also looking at doing weddings for bridal parties and the like. It means we can just get the better shots. We can fly night. It’s a great thing. It’s a exciting field. – As a wildlife film-maker, this whole drone thing has completely revolutionised it for us. I mean, we fly with birds now.

Finding animals in their world. Finding marine creatures, for example. They don’t see the drone as any kind of threat. They see it as another sea bird. And so you’re in amongst bait balls. You’re flying with magpie geese. You know…. It’s amazing what you can do with this thing. The licensing really does open the door. – The great thing about getting your Remote Pilot Licence is once you have it, you have that for life.

So you really become part of the aviation community, and I would highly recommend it to anyone. – More details on getting your licence can be found on CASA’s website. .

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Dobby — Smart Pocket Drone In-Depth Review [4K]

Today I’m here to review this. Dobby. A drone for ants! A drone that understands voice commands Dobby go! can track objects, can track faces, can orbit, can perform a cute reveal shot, can return home take really good photos and fits into your pocket Has a Qualcomm Snapdragon quad core 2.3GHz processor. has 2GB of RAM, has 16GB of storage, it weights only 199g (3.49oz) that means you don’t need to register it with FAA flies for 9 minutes, not much, I wish it was much more than that It has GPS/GLONASS dual band positioning system Has two sensors, optical flow and ultrasonic wave Has 100m (109 yards) range, works with WiFi and 5G frequency The camera on this has a 13MP 1/3.06-inch CMOS sensor. And it has a 75 degrees 28mm flens It shoots 4K 30fps video but wait don’t get too excited since it doesn’t have a gimbal it uses electronic image stabilization which is why the footage you have in the end is 1080p This is what is looks like when the electronic image stabilization is turned off And this is what is looks like when it is turned on.

And that is why you have to be a smooth drone operator if you like to have good looking image Connects to your phone very easily has a great app If you’re flying indoors you select this, if you’re flying outdoors you select that this is to take off and then this is for voice commands These are the tricks Dobby can do Here you have the timer Here you have your settings Single photo, burst shot Parameters, auto white balance, exposure value and then you have your electronic image stabilization Let’s set it to zero as you can see it zooms in a little bit This is to take a photo This is to choose between photo and video And here you can see your gallery There is something funny about this. If you select a photo and accidentally hit delete It doesn’t ask for confirmation It just deletes it So remember when I said the Dobby review was coming soon and it took so long that is because I went to my gallery and hit select all and accidentally hit delete.

I deleted everything But it is really hard to get angry at a drone that can do this. You can go to your gallery and select this photo and hit this This is dobby crystal ball it is hilarious It scans your face. Sophisticated, age: 43 actually that is true. It is unbelivable And when you hit this, it says x-men apocalypse. I don’t know what that is. I’m guessing I’m from x-men apocalypse of something? Before you fly, you have to decide on the camera angle you need. Also if you like to use the Electronic Image Stabilization you have to pick that angle you set your camera to in the options Now let’s see what this $399 pocket drone can do Dobby go! Now let’s take a look at the tricks Dobby can do.

Short video. With this one hit record, it flies backwards and shoots a 10 second video And that’s it that’s really cool as well. Oh and now it is coming back It came back by itself. I wasn’t expecting that Ah that’s really cool Now let’s test the orbit function So this point, wherever the drone is standing it is going to be the center poing select orbit, skip, next radius, 3m. I think this is good.

And then when I hit this See it is kind of difficult to adjust the center point But it still works. Now let’s try target tracking, alright we’re up to 5 meters. Target tracking, Yes it is set to 45 degrees, Electronic Image Stabilization is on. I select myself I think I’m being tracked right now. What happens if I turn around? Oh it is still tracking me That’s cool. Stop tracking Face tracking. Yes caution, we know. Select myself What happens if I go towards you? Now I’m going to hit return home No obstacles It is coming back It is not bad. It is like couple of steps to my right And landed like a boss It is really tiny but it is surprisingly stable Low voltage. I’m not landing. You’re on your own Dobby! And I flew dobby around me until the battery got fully drained. Towards the very end dobby tried to land but allowed me to keep it flying. And then the expected happened.

And it stopped flying. That was really good Good job Dobby Now this doesn’t have much battery left, has %42 battery left but let’s see how far it can go 89, 92, 97, 100 meters. I’m turning around because I can not see the drone Aldright. So Dobby reached it’s 100mt range with no problems at all There it is Nice! %10 battery left That was a little adventurous. But yeah we went 100 meters and it was fine And it came back fine. It’s a little miracle It also resists the wind pretty good but as you can see it affects the image stabilization. I think dobby is a fantastic little drone that truly fits into your pocket. For smooth video it requires a little getting used to it but that can be achieved after couple of flights.

It takes great photos too Don’t expect it replace any major drones out there but also don’t underestimate it Because it is a lot of fun. Well, thank you very much for watching this episode and I hope you enjoyed it Please hit that subscribe button, I must have a subscribe button somewhere here on the screen. Hit that button and join the World DO’mination! And let me know what you think about Dobby in the comment section pillow And until I see you the next time take really good care of yourselves and hoşça kalın! Dobby go! … Dobby go! Dobby go! .

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So right now I’m in a place that you might not know by name but you’ve probably seen in some of your favorite movies. Kong was filmed here. Jurassic Park was filmed here. Lost was filmed here. Jumanji was filmed here. So many movies were filmed in this beautiful location called Kualoa Ranch. What you might not have noticed is that there are some drones behind me right here, that film in 4K and we’re going to be reviewing them today. So thanks Kualoa Ranch for having me out here. Let’s get started. So you might be thinking to yourself that this looks more like an egg than a drone.

It’s actually called the Power Egg and it’s made by a company called Power Vision. It’s the same company that did the underwater drone that we reviewed in Cancun, so they make some pretty sweet stuff. This particular drone does have some propellers. They pop out of the side like this. And today, I haven’t flown this a whole lot and the wind’s cooperating with us, and we’re in one of the most beautiful places on the planet so this should be pretty fun. The camera is mounted on the bottom. It’s a 4K and it can spin in 360 degrees. And it should have some landing gear. Let’s fly this thing. So Kualoa Ranch is situated on the north end of the island, and if you remember from World Ward II when Pearl Harbor was attacked, the planes came from the north side of the island.

So during World War II, in order to defend the north side of the Island, the army kind of commandeered Kualoa Ranch for a minute and built some huge guns right up here by this bunker that could launch projectiles 5 miles into the ocean. Luckily they never had to be used during World War II, but it’s nice that the protection was there. So the guns have since been removed from Kualoa Ranch after the martial law ended. And the same martial law that built both of turrets up here on the top of the mountain also commandeered an airstrip on Kualoa Ranch where the planes could take off.

And it was built out of this metal grate which allowed the planes to take off over like, you know, the dirt even if it was muddy and stuff. But it was nice because after the war ended and the martial law ended, they were able to pull that metal grate up, pack up, and move out and give the land back to Kualoa. So inside the bunker there’s a whole lot of rooms and they have the rooms dedicated to different movies. So Jumanji was filmed here, and I think this guy has a pretty good haircut.

Before Kualoa Ranch was a place to film epic blockbuster movies, they grew sugarcane here and this was a sugar mill behind me. But it turned out not to be as profitable as they wanted, so they switched to, you know, having cattle here and stuff like that. But then when movies realized how beautiful Kualoa Ranch is, that’s when they started making the big bucks. And when the big budget films aren’t actively shooting, there are 4-wheeler rides, there are horse rides, there are bus rides, and you can see all the different movie sets that are here on Kualoa Ranch including the scene from Jurassic World where the indominus Rex escapes from that enclosure.

That’s here on the island too and it’s still here for the people who come to visit Kualoa. Last year Dan and I from What’s Inside came and filmed a video on his channel inside of that enclosure. Alright, so there are actually a lot of pats to this drone. It looks like an egg as it is right now. What we’re going to do is we’re going to pop the arms out, there are 4 of them with the 4 propellers. And then this base capsule pops off, and that’s what protects the gimbal at the bottom of the camera. It’s got a little piece of foam here that keeps the gimbal from shaking around. And then if we want the legs to extend, first we have to turn the drone on, and then if you press the power button 3 times, the the legs should extend all the way down to the bottom.

Now when you’re flying the drone, the legs will automatically retract up into the drone until you’re coming down to land, and sometimes they pop out automatically so you can land, otherwise there’s a button on the controller. Now the controller’s a little more complicated than if you were flying with like a DJI or something. I feel like it’s not as intuitive and the responsiveness of the triggers aren’t as responsive as DJI’s controller. We have the Wi-Fi adapter right here which I’ll turn on, and one annoying part is that you need a headphone jack in order for this to work. That’s probably the only time I’m ever going to say that on this channel. It’s annoying that it has a headphone jack to connect the Wi-Fi adapter to the controller. So there’s more of a possibility with all of these components that you’ll forget something and won’t be able to fly when you actually arrive on location. It’s kind of a problem. And then to retract the legs back into the drone I’m going to press the button 3 times, and it should pull the legs in tight. Kind of a lot of steps going on, but it looks sweet.

And then to collapse the arms back in there’s this little tab right here at the bottom, and I’ll take the propellers and pinch them inside. And it keeps the whole thing in a tight, compact little compartment. And it’s an egg again. It’s kind of, you know, it’s the first of it’s kind. And it’s hard to compete with DJI, but it’s nice that Power Vision is making something unique and bringing some diversity to the drone marketplace.

Let me know what you think of the drone footage. I had some from the Power Egg as was as the Mavic Pro. And if you’re ever out here on Oahu in Hawaii, Kualoa Ranch is one of the must-see locations. That seriously is one of my favorite places. I will link their YouTube channel here as well as their Instagram account in the video description. It’s worth going to check out. Thanks a ton for watching, and I’ll see you around. .

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11 Scariest Things Caught By Drones

Drones allow us to explore areas that we would otherwise never dare step foot in. And as they fly through the sky high above, they sometimes catch things that were never meant to be witnessed by the human eye . . . 11. This drone footage was taken somewhere deep in the Salt Fork park in Ohio.

The video starts out ordinarily enough, but then sometime around the 5 minute mark you might be able to see something hiding in the thickets. Watch the left side of your screen closely as this drone starts to land and pay close attention because it happens pretty fast. Many people claim they see a large creature stop and look up as the drone passes by. Some even claim that this is a bigfoot sighting in broad daylight. I do see what they are talking about, but I personally don’t see any movement and I think it could possibly be a tree.

Let me know if you see it and if you agree. 10. When a freak thunderstorm sets this large hayfield on fire in Weld County, Colorado, a brave farmer named Eric Howard hops in his tractor and heads straight for the action. He has a wild plan that’s about to greatly help firefighters contain the 30 acre blaze if all goes well.

Thinking fast, Eric quickly carves a long path across the field to keep the fire from spreading. It’s firefighting strategy called a fire line, which is where you remove the top soil so that there is less material to burn. He barely manages to stay ahead of the inferno and the dancing flames grow tall enough to melt the paint off his trusty tractor the whole time.

Eventually the wildfire is contained and Eric is credited by the firefighters for his gutsy plan, which probably saved additional acres from going up in flames. Let me know what you would do in this situation and if you think Eric should have left it to the professionals. 9. A Predator combat drone is conducting a routine patrol when suddenly something huge and fast enters its air space. What appears to be some kind of unidentified flying object streaks by the drone in a gigantic burst of white light.

The drone turns around to scan the area, but whatever zoomed past is now long gone. Unfortunately, no further footage was recovered. I don’t know if the lack of information surrounding this video is a sign that it’s fake or if it means that the military simply isn’t saying anything. The unidentified flying object could be CGI, but outside of that possibility, what are you watching could very well be our first contact with very technologically advanced extraterrestrials. 8. A YouTuber named RunGunGriff is a drone enthusiast who explores a lot of exotic locations on his channel.

Most of his videos are taken on tropical islands, but this one was shot at a hard-to-find rural spot that he simply describes as being in the middle of nowhere. As his drone flies higher, you can see that RunGunGriff and his friend are standing in the middle of a huge field of crops that’s covered in a series of strange markings. The symbols themselves are perfectly symmetrical and extremely precise in their geometry. Their designs look strikingly identical and appear to have no noticeable differences, a sign that it was not made by humans. I suppose it would be possible to do this with farm equipment, but farmers have little reason to vandalize their own field, and since there’s absolutely no flaws in the design, I think that there is a strong possibility that this was made by something extraterrestrial. Let me know if you think that these crop circles are manmade or extraterrestrial in nature, and if you recognize any of these symbols from any literature, movies or video games, then I’d definitely like to know where they are from.

7. A YouTuber named Furious Otter is piloting his noisy drone across a long stretch of woods when he comes across a mysterious all-white object that doesn’t match the native scenery. He grows curious and decides to take the drone closer to the ground to get a better look. It’s a decision that he probably now regrets. It doesn’t look like much at first, but the situation becomes much more clear after he zooms in. A witchlike figure appears to crouch low while watching the drone from the tree line. I can’t tell if they are waving at them or brushing something out of their hair, but either way, this strange hermit just shouldn’t be out here this deep in the woods. This video is terrifying if it’s real, but a couple of things make me question its authenticity. I know drones can get a lot closer than that, so why didn’t he try to get closer to see if they needed help instead of immediately flying away? I guess he could have been worried about losing his drone or even possibly getting cursed, so he just got out of there fast instead.

If that’s the case, then I can’t say I blame him. Let me know what you think you would have done if you were there. 6. This news drone records the aftermath of a giant blast that rocked a residential district in Westminster, Colorado. The giant smoldering crater you are looking at was once a home, and even worse, the blast was done on purpose. The owner of the home, 59 year old Gary Pine, was living all by himself when he decided to take his live in a very vengeful way. He disconnected his natural gas line and let his house fill up with gas until it blew, blowing off the side of his neighbor’s house and sending debris flying across 2 whole blocks. No one knows exactly why he did it, but one thing’s for sure: his neighbors will never forget the deafening explosion, nor will they ever feel completely safe in their own home again. 5. These National Geographic explorers are using high-tech drones to map out the inside of a churning volcano for the very first time. Their drones are able to get close enough to the lava to capture shots that would boil a human alive.

The thousand-degree temperatures claim more than a few drones during the study, and each one is an expensive loss. These drones use sophisticated 3D technology to map out the bottom of a lava pit – something that has never been done before. You can even see an evil looking entrance where the high pressure magma shoots out of the volcano. The drones also have another purpose, too. They let the researchers measure exactly how close to the edge they can get before the incredible heat becomes too much to stand. Let me know if you think you’d be brave enough to do this kind of research, or if you’d rather have a safer occupation. 4. An Australian YouTuber named Simon Lawrence is flying his drone high above his boat in Port Lincoln. He and his friends are looking to catch crabs, but soon they find something else entirely lurking in the deep ocean waters.

The Great White Shark seems to silently study them for a bit before coming in for a closer look. When the shark shows interest in their crab pot, they wisely cut it loose and watch the shark swim away. Simon and his friends are very lucky because Great White Sharks have been known to try and overturn boats by swimming straight into them at full speed. 3. This drone video was taken in late 2016 when a rash of clown sightings were reported throughout the entire country.

Golden Hour is a YouTuber who was apparently just trying to get some aerial shots of his small town when he stumbles upon something that definitely doesn’t belong in a cornfield. It kind of looks like a ordinary scarecrow at first, but then you can see it’s a clown in a bright orange outfit with equally colorful hair. The strange and unfriendly clown glares at the drone before sprinting away at full speed.

It makes its way into the mouth of the forest shortly and the drone takes off back to safety. I have questions about this video that are similar to number 7. If this video is real, then once again I don’t understand why drone operator didn’t pursue the clown further to figure out where it came from. I guess the clown could have been a friend in a costume, but then again, maybe this was one of the many real clowns caught trespassing on properties in 2016. It’s hard to say for sure so I’d definitely like to get your opinion. 2. A YouTuber named JustinBrown has been seeing odd-looking people living in tents near his hometown in Lompac, California. He is too nervous to investigate the situation in person, so he sends his drone over for a closer look. Imagine Justin’s surprise when he discovers an entire colony of strangers living on a riverbed less than a mile from his home.

He has no idea who they are, what they want, or why they are so close to his suburban neighborhood, which doesn’t seem particularly special in any way. Also, nobody can seem to figure out what this mysterious blinking blue light is. Take a look at the way it keeps flashing persistently and tell me what kind of technology you think this could be. Maybe together we can figure out who lives here and their purpose. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills and I hope you’re enjoying my narration. If you’re curious about what I look like in real life, then go to my instagram, @dylan_is_chillin_yt and tap that follow button to find out. I’m currently doing a super poll on my Instagram, if you believe ghosts are real, then go to my most recent photo, and tap the like button. If you don’t, DM me saying why. When you’re done come right back to this video to find out the number 1 entry. Also follow me on Twitter @YT_Chills because that’s where I post video updates.

It’s a proven fact that generosity makes you a happier person, so if you’re generous enough to hit that subscribe button and the bell beside it then thank you. This way you’ll be notified of the new videos we upload every Thursday and Sunday. 1. A YouTuber named Chris Lamb says that he was alone when he shot this drone footage at Fort McLellan, Alabama, but the video says otherwise. You can clearly see that nobody is in the background in the beginning . . . . . . but when Chris steadies the camera just a moment later, you can see someone standing by the streetlamp. There’s not enough time for anyone to walk out from behind a building, but yet here they are. Also, did you see how they seem to suddenly disappear in plain sight? I don’t see any editing cuts, so I have absolutely no idea how this dark silhouette managed to vanish like that. Look again and you can definitely see them dematerialize. There’s nothing wide enough for them to hide behind. They’re just gone. Let me know if you think Chris Lamb’s video is paranormal, extraterrestrial, or otherwise.


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The World’s Smallest Drone!

A while ago I did a video on a little miniature drone; it was orange. It was a lot like this one. At the time, they were calling it “the world’s smallest drone”. Today I’ve got the new “world’s smallest drone”: CX-Stars. You can see it’s 14 plus, you know there are moving parts, with propellers, don’t slice your eyeball. It is available in a couple different colors. A big drone is pretty smart, you know with the sensors and what not, but these guys here, this is a good way to train. Because if you crash this little thing, well, what’s the consequence really? You’re not going to take out a power line, ruin a family’s barbeque, if you know what I’m saying. Look you can see a reflection of Jack there. Whoo ho ho! That is tiny. This little thing fits inside, gives you a place to store it so that these two components aren’t left apart, but when you want to charge this up you’re looking at this little USB connector.

HOLY that’s tiny. Got a couple of analog thumbsticks here. Oh yeah, also drone people are freaking out in the comments right now going, “IT’S NOT A DRONE, IT’S NOT A DRONE, LEW.” Ok, fine, yeah cool it’s a quadcopter, alright, fine. The world seems to refer to anything with four rotors as a drone, alright, so let’s just chill out with our terminology here. Drone sounds a million times better alright? There’s my rant on drones and droning.

You don’t want to run it into your TV. Can you see that, Jack? That’s not what you want to do, unless you’re one of these destruction people and that somehow gets you off. Okay so that has juice, look, blinking juice. This guy does not because this guy requires AAA’s. Duracell! You’re not sponsoring me yet, it’s a gadget channel. Wouldn’t it make sense? Listen, you guys need the market share. Everything is rechargeable these days. This is your big opportunity, Duracell. Whoa, did Duracell just get a bunny as well? That was an Energizer thing! Did they rip off the bunny? They got their own weird-looking bunny! The Energizer Bunny and Elmo had a child, you got the Duracell bunny! This surgeon is using a flashlight inside the flashlight of batteries from Duracell.

Got some juice here… Whoa! Eeeeyeah… Whoa! Easy boy! Whop… yes! Come on hover… WHOO! BAH! BAH! Inevitable. Yea ok. NO! WHOA, I HIT IT! I HIT THAT LENS! THAT WAS UNINTENTIONAL! Let me get a shot of the over there. Come on, you can do this. Find that hover zone. There you go. There you go! Gonna go on a trip and it’s gonna come back home.

I did a land… did it! What can I say? Look how cute that is. How can you not like that? If you have no experience at all with quadcopters, you get one of these little things I don’t even know how much it costs. I’ll put the link in the description, but it’s like 30 bucks? Something in that neighborhood? And all of a sudden you’re flying! Know what I mean? Take a look at it.

I think you’re not going to regret it. It’s a lot of fun. These things are fun, that’s the bottom line. .

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Attack of the Drones! Nerf Battle Ethan and Cole Vs. Machines

>> That’s a really bad storm! >> All set up, fully charged, ready to go. >> That storm is getting really bad out there. >> Yeah, I know right. >> What are you doing? >> Oh, you know just seeing if they’re all fine. Tomorrow morning we’re gonna go test all of ’em and see if they work. >> That’s pretty cool. >> Look: Mini, Small, Medium, Large, Larger, Extra, Extra-Large! >> It’s not that big. >> Well it’s the biggest one we got. >> Anyways, I’m going to bed. ’cause the storm is really bad outside. >> Let me check it out. Storm is not that bad out there! Nah, let’s just go to bed we’ll deal with the drone in the morning. >> Alright. >> Run! We’re safe! >> No, I’m actually pretty sure lightning can still strike us in our bed.

>> Well, it can’t last all night! >> Yeah, good point. Good night! >> Good night. >> Looks like the storm ended, but it’s still like midnight. I’m thirsty. What? Where’d– Where’d the drones go? What is that? I swear, I heard something! Oh well. Good morning everybody! No, no, no! Get– No! No get away! Ahh! No! Hey, where’d you going?! Cole, come on! Cole! Come here! Stop controlling the drone! So we’re gonna play ‘swooping drones in our face’, huh, Cole? This is not a good way to start the morning Cole! >> What? >> You know what? >> Whoa! What is wrong with you? >> Don’t act like you don’t know! Controlling a drone in my face! >> I controlled no drone in your face! >> Then who’s controlling the drone? The tooth fairy? The drones are possessed! >> Yeah, there’s something seriously wrong with the drones.

Who’s controlling them? >> I don’t know! >> We gotta take them down! >> Alright, let’s go. Go! Go! Go! The coast is clear! Where is it? Wh– >> I think it crashed! >> There’s more than one. >> I need to arm myself! >> Hurry before the drone sees you! >> Alright, I’m good! >> Alright, on the count of three, we’re gonna peek up. >> Okay! >> 1, 2, 3! >> 1, 2, 3! >> You didn’t go! >> Did you see anything? >> No, I didn’t see anything. >> Alright, let’s check for real this time. >> Aaaahhh! >> Aaaahhh! >> They’re too small! I can’t hit ’em! >> I’m out! >> I’m out, too! >> I got an idea! Watch out! >> Where are you going? Hey! Hey! >> Get them, Cole! >> Cole, it’s useless! Just run! Are we safe? >> Let me check. Yeah, I don’t see them. >> Follow me! I don’t know a lot about drones, but if there’s one thing I do know, they don’t like water. >> Let’s fill them up! >> Come on! Come fill yours up. >> Oh! Let’s handle the drone’s out.

Cole, go open the door. One drone down. Get it! >> There’s another one! That’s solves that. >> Yeah. Look, do you have a feeling something’s watching you? >> Yeah, maybe a little bit. Do you hear that? >> Whoa! >> Whoa! Get it! >> There that goes. >> How many drones did you have? >> About one, two, three… Wait a second! Hey guys! Comment of the week comes from: GOOS3 23! “Why do you always shout so much in your videos? It’s kind of annoying.“ Sorry we didn’t mean to annoy you! >> It’s just what we do, man! Picture of the week comes from: >> KJ! He’s got the new blaster! What is it called? >> Wait, maybe we have it back here.

>> This is called like the ‘Surgefire’ or something. It’s not back there I don’t know where it is. Okay. About two more weeks to get your dog tags. Ohh! These are all messed up dog tags. Sorry Aaron, Henry >> Sorry Ben. There’s a ton of you guys out there! A ton! So, if you want dog tags, about two more weeks. Subscribe to our Instagram page and our Facebook page or there’s a link below. >> Give us a thumbs up or 1,000 times or something, please? Click on our faces to subscribe and we’ll see you all next time! .

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Learn A Language With A True Expert: The Spanish Masterclass

My name is Luca, Luca Lampariello. I’m Italian, and I work as a language coach. A language coach helps people figure out the best method for students to learn a language by themselves. Basically, we’re going to do a masterclass in Spanish. We’re going to spend a few hours getting into the mechanics and dynamics of language learning. I’m trying to learn Spanish because I’m going to Cuba in 3 weeks. I’m coming from a place where I’ve never properly formally learned a language before. What I hope to achieve is to change his mindset to tell him, “Man, you can do it and this is how you can do it.” The first tip is actually to clarify the student’s objectives and goals. It’s really important because it gives you a direction of what, how and when to do something. The course of this masterclass is basically going to hinge on your answers. If your goal is to learn Spanish fluently in the long run, we’re doing something. If the goal is to be able to communicate and enjoy your trip, that’s another matter.

Imagine being in a city, you want to reach another city and you have to understand where you’re going. Otherwise you just start the journey and you don’t know where to go, and you get lost. The second most important step is actually to get input. People want to speak as much as possible, but I think in order to speak you have to understand. So the very first thing is to get comprehensible input that they can consume in order to get their listening comprehension to a great level and start speaking.

How and where can you listen to Spanish? I was looking at downloading some podcasts, to listen to Spanish through that and of course using Babbel and learning online. You have to build your listening comprehension in a progressive way. So my advice would be to go back and use as much as you can what is called comprehensible input — which is basically audio with text.

So you can use any platform that has text that you can read and understand and then you have audio. It’s really important to know what to do and how to do it but when to do it is extremely important. People say, “I have or I don’t have time.” The truth is that you create time according to your priorities and I help students to plan their time to learn a language according to their goals. First question: how much time do you think you can create for Spanish every day? I think an hour in the evening.

You have to try to do something every single day. Preparing beforehand allows you to have a plan of action that you can actually execute. Normally I show students that they can communicate and they can start using the language from the very beginning. I’m Luca. What’s your name? I’m Haroun. Where are you from? I’m from England. England The North of England. Where? Which city? Even if you know almost nothing, you can learn a few words and you can start using these words in a conversation with a nice person talking about things you like or talking about personal things. You have to get the information across. That’s all that counts. I lived in Spain— Yes. when I was seven years old. In Latin they used to say, “Verba volant sed script manent” which means that spoken words fly away and written words stay. You have learned today enferma, right? Now, probably in a few hours you will not remember this. You think, “Yeah, of course, I’m going to remember” but it’s very probable that you’re going to forget it. But maybe, if tomorrow you review it then you will keep forgetting it, but less quickly.

Make sure that whatever you do when you have a conversation, you speak the language, whatever you always have some kind of device to helps you jot down the things that you’re learning on the fly. And reuse and review these words. That’s extremely important for your memory. Piece of paper and a phone, and you can use the combination of these two to jot down all the things that you’re going to remember. And when you have a great conversation the very first time you land there then you will want to have another conversation and another conversation and you will come back here and you’re going to say, “I want to learn Spanish.” I feel pretty excited to take everything that I’ve learned today and actually put it into practice — the ideas of scheduling and stuff.

Some really simple but effective ideas have been brought into my mind. I felt like I was being taught how to learn a language, not just being taught a language. .

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